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Banjara Hills is the topmost growing residential place in Hyderabad. It is the location most suitable for hassle-free life with the Prestige Rock Cliff projects; this is why various amenities include foot over, metro parks, 24/7 water supply, and so more. These are the facilities that enable you to live in the flats. It is a prestigious location, and the flats come with highly prestigious ones, so most people are decided to buy the flats from the projects and then consider it to gain more benefits. This project will fulfil your dream by providing through 1, 2, and 3 BHK per your demand. It is now considered the most luxurious property filled with high facilities. In any case, do not avoid flats that will give superior living experiences without any more issues. In order to know more details regards the flat, keep reading the below passage and then earn various data.

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Prestige Rock Cliff overview

Why do you choose this amazing Prestige Rock Cliff

When it comes to buying luxurious and spacious projects, you have to consider the Prestige Rock Cliff in Hyderabad, which will offer a greater living experience. The reason behind choosing these projects are listed and explained below. Right now, the main reason for choosing the project is to offer luxurious flats with top-notch amenities. In addition, for the people who are like to live in a better and good environment in the centre of the city, this project is the right choice. It will offer to give the best living experience. For a high-quality lifestyle, this will be the right choice for high residential projects.

Infrastructure within the city

Hyderabad is the most luxurious city; from there, you may see various companies; therefore, more people are like to shift their residence from their native to Hyderabad. Prestige Rock Cliff is the topmost residential project offering luxurious flats with all types of facilities. It is the busiest city, and various developments are available in the place from the metro to the airport. The city is most recommended to transfer for various purposes and then it will offer a better lifestyle as per the demands of the people. For all kinds of people, this project well suitable and best for them in the busiest city. Diverse locations are near the project, and then people may get comfortable with it.

Living and housing

Are you searching for the best area to buy a residence to stay in along with your circle of relatives? The Prestige Rock Cliff is the proper preference. It provides the topmost venture to the person, which includes various high-magnificence amenities. With its resource, you can lead a peaceful existence with a luxurious lifestyle. It is a totally residential challenge that is placed in Hyderabad. It gives 2, 3 bhk flats so one can come to be the good and exceptional choice for home buyers. It has connectivity within the venture and contains the excessive-magnificence one. No matter your wishes, you can purchase a home in line with your wishes, and it has the edge over the alternative areas. Every flat inside the Prestige Rock Cliff project is nicely designed and developed, and it can no longer purpose any greater hassle to humans.


As compared with the earlier days, the population wherein low in Hyderabad. Right now, in today's era, the population may get raised because of the migration of people from various cities for their work or education purposes. In the place, you may see various cultural people who mingle with one another from various cities and cultures. Hyderabad is one of the wisest cities for all people. In addition, the Hyderabad population enhanced as from 170 square kilometres to 650 kilometres. Of course, one-third of people practise Islam, and two-thirds follow Hinduism.


Having a home is not the matter; a way to live is noted. You may get various benefits if you pick out the Prestige Rock Cliff. It is a top-notch residential project for all kinds of human beings. Children to senior residents may enjoy the flat and be delighted. Every apartment and mission is comparable, so greater will get a terrific living revel in. In addition, stay the best lifestyle with its useful resource and gain tremendous reminiscences. If you want to get out of the fats, don't worry approximately whatever. The project is linked to diverse places, and you can get out from home without any hassle. You may, without problems, attain up or head off to the region at the perfect time. You could get extra thoughts approximately the projects, so purchase a domestic from it, after which experience the costly lifestyle.

Amenities highlighted in residential

The Prestige Rock Cliff offers various kinds of amenities to the people. There may be a gym, swimming pool, party hall, kid's play area, and so more for the people living in the flats. Well, various other amenities are also highlighting the projects, and the residents in the flats are gaining various benefits. Get the flat from the project and then enjoy a luxurious lifestyle without any more issues. The below passage will help you to know about diverse amenities.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is a way to work out or to have fun, and the main advantages of the swimming pool are to cool the body, train the athlete, and give relaxation, help to work out, and so more. The swimming pool in the Prestige Rock Cliff is built to manage your body and then keep your mind as healthy.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities


A gym is one of the best places to maintain your body as fit and well. Physical activity can improve your brain, aid in managing your weight, lessen your risk of disease, strengthen your bones and muscles, and make it easier for you to do daily stuff. At Prestige Rock Cliff, there is a gym that will remain your body and mind in superior form.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities


You do not have to worry about the spa services; inside the flats, you may get spa aid as per your demand. A long head massage in the hair spa procedure enhances blood circulation and helps relax the mind and body. Of course, these massages may enhance hair growth to provide more oxygen to our scalps and hair follicles. It is also one of the amenities available on the Prestige Rock Cliff.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Kids play area

Kids gain more things and then enhance their knowledge with physical activities. In order to mind it, the Prestige Rock Cliff built the kid's play area as per the need of the kids who may physically involve with all plays and then develop diverse knowledge. The playground from the project makes your kids healthy both physically and mentally.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Walking path

Daily walking will keep your body stable and fit. In addition, walking is one of the types of cardiovascular exercise that will enhance the heart rate. It will enable you to get good blood flow and then helps to lower your blood pressure. Also, it may give more energy by releasing endorphins and then getting oxygen to all parts of your body. The Prestige Rock Cliff has been built the gym in the projects for their residents.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Multipurpose Hall

Prestige Rock Cliff may also have a multipurpose hall; it is the best place for a well-equipped hall to host various events or functions. It will give more benefits to the people, and the people may conduct the event in the hall.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Convenience store

It may also build on the Prestige Rock Cliff, which will benefit its residents. This means nothing where people hang out and then give various needed services to those who may live in the area.

Prestige Rock Cliff amenities

Reflexology Track

Well, reflexology is one type of complementary therapy that involves massaging the feet in order to aid other parts of the body to feel better. Thus, the idea holds modern reflexology is the foot has reflex points which correspond in order to various parts and then the organ of the body. Therefore, the Prestige Rock Cliff offers reflexology track facilities for the projects. It will give more benefits to the people in various ways those who reside in the flat.


What are you still waiting for now that you've read about the numerous amenities provided by Purava Prestige Rock Cliff ? To view our pricing plans and schedule an appointment, please visit our website []. You can also contact us through the helpline.

Reliable master and floor plan

The Prestige Rock Cliff is coming up with an excellent master plan that will be implemented by professional designers, architects, engineers, constructors, and so on. They are executing the idea in the best way, so the project is considered one of the best for the residents. In their plan, they included all amenities nearby for the people. You may see all kinds of highlights within their sector with the excellent master plan. The plan for each flat is reliable and more comfortable for the people.

Fair cost floor rate in Prestige Rock Cliff

The price of the Prestige Rock Cliff is affordable, and the cost varies by the flat size. The prices are the most economical ones and give a luxury living experience at an affordable price. If you decide to buy the flats, you must send a request and then enquiry it.

Prestige Rock Cliff Master Plan
Prestige Rock Cliff floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

Prestige Rock Cliff floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.


The main mission of Prestige Rock Cliff is to offer their dealer for cost along with services in excel. They have experience handling the customer requirement in registering their property, so it is the customer's duty to choose the floor types and, with a convened payment option, register their floor. The group will hand out other registration processes and bookings as you want to avoid taking any effect from your side. The stress of registering the property can be done only with the support of a professional flat dealer with a high star rating by their customer.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request

Prestige Rock Cliff Map and Address of our location

The Prestige Rock Cliff is the topmost residential project in Hyderabad. It will connect various places to the projects so that you can easily reach out to the place. It is well connected to various areas. This project was well facilitated on all sides.

Metro Station

The city government approved enhancing the rapid transit system almost immediately built from the metro station at a reliable budget. The distance in-between from the metro station to Prestige Rock Cliff is approximately 22 km.


The city of Hyderabad is known as the capital state of Telangana and is served by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, an international airport. In addition, there is a Shamshabad about 24 Km from south of Hyderabad.


The Outer Ring Road, known as the Jawaharlal Nehru Outer Ring Road, is an 8-lane ring road expressway that goes away approximately Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. It is 158 kilometres long. The expressway is made so people can drive up to 100 km/h on it.


Hospitals are places where medical procedures and other remedies are achieved. They may be called multi-uniqueness fitness centres. There are hospitals in Hyderabad that are run by way of the country's government and hospitals that are run employing a private organization, inclusive of charitable trusts. Government hospitals are backed through non-public institutions and might additionally be a part of a national chain.

People recognize that first-rate hospitals in a positive place have global-magnificence medical centres and infrastructure. Almost all hospitals, no matter how huge or small, provide emergency care around the clock. Maximum hospitals offer specialities in cardiology, neurology, obstetrics, gynaecology, oncology, dermatology, paediatrics, laparoscopic surgical treatment, and orthopaedics. Some extremely good-forte hospitals have a high-tech medical studies centre to preserve up with the sphere of medicine or search for new ways to do things.

Bottom line

Now you may get various information regards Prestige Rock Cliff; it is the project's best place to live and then give positive living experiences. Get the flats from this project and then gain various benefits.

Prestige Rock Cliff





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Million Square Feet Area

The person struggling with rental lifestyles has for them it is going to be the right time to start their new life in their flat. In recent years the hot city is developing into a metro place, so of it investing in this location to buy property sure it will be profitable in the future. For both commercial and residential purposes, the metro city is highly damaged in real estate in the Prestige Rock Cliff , when they contracted with urban communities that are similar when the rate was less expensive, as that time the enormous organization found in the city.

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Yes, it is a project that has been authorised, thus many institutions will help you obtain financing for Prestige Limited Hyderabad
It is a brand-new venture that is just getting started.
This Project Offer 2BHK starting with 1.95 Cr
Yes, There Is An Upcoming Project In Hyderabad by Prestige Limited Named Prestige Rock Cliff.

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