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Prestige neopolis is the leading and latest residential project developed by the prestige group in Kokapet, Hyderabad. It comprises a premium apartment in 2/3/4 BHK bedroom configurations. This amazing Prestige Neopolis project consists of many amenities and is an award-winning and one of the top real estate firms in the country, with projects spread across Pune, Bangalore, mumbai and Delhi-NCR. The prestige group has also developed more projects in different locations with different amenities and construction.

Each home in this Prestige Neopolis project is designed to provide a maximum space that can invite abundant natural light and make you feel the fresh air. They are one of the best housing project developers in India and have a unique, diverse milt domain portfolio in residential and commercial property, hospitality and schooling. They are well-known for their innovative and world-class developments.

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Prestige Neopolis : Why Choose Us

When you choose this amazing project, it will be useful for you to get an array of conveniences to visit more places within a short time around this project. You can also have a safe life without any worry when you invest your amount in buying the flats under this project. It also offers you more happiness, and you can get excited about discovering the peaceful atmosphere in this place. It is a property with the best home, which looks like a celebration you have never seen. The dream house you buy in this Prestige Neopolis project allows you to create delightful and forgettable memories for a lifetime.

The amenities available in this project can immediately make you buy this Prestige Neopolis project. There are more spaces and a peaceful and calm environment for your safe living. The residents can also have many secure and safe systems that can protect them from any attacks and thefts. You can always see the surveillance of the CCTV camera on every floor, and you can live a secure and protected life when you buy your dream flat in this project.

Here people in Hyderabad give their first preference to the Neopolis apartment. Because it gets with low cost as even normal people can afford flats there. It extends up to 1 crore to buy the apartments in the Neopolis. But it facilitates the basic requirements of people who afford it there. The environment was natural and good for the kids. The apartments are provided with game-playing stations, theatres, hospitals, and schools at a walkable distance. It confines the latest residential projects with 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments.

Infrastructure within a city:

The city's infrastructure is good and makes you more excited about looking at it. The experts and the team of workers offer these amazing flats and the apartment project for you. The infrastructure of the building is good and has a high quality of strength for you. They use different equipment, tools and other excellent things that are useful in constructing the best infrastructure for this project. Therefore you can choose this excellent project that will be helpful for your safe and secure living.

Living and housing:

There are a lot of corporations in this Prestige Neopolis that you can find in the city, and there are more reasons it has a high demand. It is the best project in high demand among the people who are investing in this city, and sure they will analyse the profit in the future. They offer residential and commercial real estate, which are increasing rapidly and have great growth among buyers. Compared to the other metro cities, you can buy flats in Neopolis. It is because of the lower price and the high restrictions to build the less in the city.


In the earlier period, Hyderabad's population was less compared to the present population. The raise of the population in the city is the growth of the Prestige Neopolis project among the people. It is due to the immigration of other people into the city for many reasons, such as business and working in different sectors. In the city, the population of the people are fusing with all kinds of mixed culture.


Among many spots, Hyderabad is the best one that takes first place in food and architecture. It is well in all aspects compared to other locations, and the main highlight of the city is the significant landmarks and heritage structures present there. The apartments exceed the excellence of outstanding architectural value. It makes the residence redefined with the artwork. Surroundings are swayed with the perfection of magnificent minarets.

With the artist's intelligence, it makes a heritage name for the specific place, with a modern exterior look and interior filled with lavish offers the remarkable living standard of people.

The wonderful nature and amenities dropping over make a dream-like life. It makes much possible, loaded with elegant and calm features that define spacious life. It comprises game movies and rooms with gorgeous and wealthy properties.

Prestige Neopolis : Amenities

Hyderabad has a financial district. It provides 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, 24-hour electricity, and fire safety for the residential area. Besides, Neopolis is one of the best apartments compared with others. The cost of Neopolis apartments starts from 2/3/4 BHK configuration makes the perfect and best home for bachelors and families. It provides basic facilities like market areas, medicine, schools, and other educational institutions. This financial district has companies nearby for working people. This type of apartment consists of 3 flats. These flats offer spacious and skill-designed apartments.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool

The swimming pool provided in the Prestige Neopolis can help individuals to make their bodies cool, relax and enjoy swimming. They can also have good exercise when they have free time, and it will be a great chance for them to be happy with their family. It is designed for people to spend valuable time when they have spare time.



The gym is the other best amenity in this Prestige Neopolis project. It is useful for people who think to do exercise and keep their body healthy and have a good physique as well as outlook. They can have a good figure and shape in their body and enjoy this excellent facility. The constructors have provided it for the residents who live in this apartment and fixed this indoor physical workout place separately. The persons can also find a lot of equipment and machines for their workout and exercise.



The clubhouse is one of the most important amenities in this project, and you can choose it for your playing. You can use it whenever you are free and take the drinks that you like that they provide you in the club. You can easily mingle and discuss all your family and some other things with your friends and spend your time happily.

Party hall

Party hall

The party hall is the other amenity that can make you feel more excited while looking at the space it has for you. The constructors and the project designers add some space for this party hall where you can conduct any programs, meetings, functions and other events. It will be useful for the residents and has a large space for all the people living in the apartment, allowing them to meet in one place.

Pet walking

Pet walking:

You can also find the best place for walking your pets you have. If you have a dog in your flat, there is a separate place where you can take it for walking; it will be good if you use the place without disturbing anyone.


The place for yoga and meditation:

When you need a separate place to perform meditation and yoga, the Prestige Neopolis will be the right option. The experts provide this facility where you can do it with more peace and concentration. You can choose these wonderful projects if you need the best places for doing yoga and meditating for a long time.

Prestige Neopolis : Master Plan and Floor Plan

When you are looking for projects with a good master plan and floor plan, the prestige Neopolis residential project will be helpful for you. The experts, engineers and construction team are designing the flats to satisfy the customers. They create a new destination even though the time can drop in buying a flat. This excellent Prestige Neopolis has a good master plan and floor plan where they cover the project. They have to allot all the space for every amenity and make the flats look rich and modern.

Buy flats at a fair cost according to your budget:

The experts in this project development field can offer their customers a good flat. The buyers can buy the flats at a feasible cost and enjoy living in this apartment with more safety and security. Each and every flat differs in cost, and you have to choose and invest in them accordingly. The booking process of the flat is easy and available for you all the time. Whenever you have an idea of investing your money in it, you can book the best flat for living in without hesitation.

Master Plan
floor plan1

2 BHK - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

3 BHK - Coming Soon.

Prestige Neopolis : Price

The main mission of Prestige Neopolis is to offer their dealer for cost along with services in excel. They have experience handling the customer requirement in registering their property, so it is the customer's duty to choose the floor types and, with a convened payment option, register their floor. The group will hand out other registration processes and bookings as you want to avoid taking any effect from your side. The stress of registering the property can be done only with the support of a professional flat dealer with a high star rating by their customer.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request
4 BHK Update Soon ₹ On Request

Prestige Neopolis Map & Address of our location

On purchasing the Prestige Neopolis, you can reach a significant area in the Indian urban communities by the network interface road in Hyderabad. You can reach different areas like Chennai, mumbai, Pune and other places. You can also hire some of the destinations when you buy the residence under this project, and there are a lot of places around this project. They are the metro stations, airports, hospitals, colleges, and schools. The travelling time is also short, and you can book the flats you like.

Metro Station

The prestige Neopolis is designed by a team of people putting a lot of effort into selling it to the customers. The team of experts also plans to desing it near the metro station in the prospect so that you will get the facility of your nearby flat.


It is also located close to the Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Hyderabad, and it is the international airport. It is the best place from your flat destination to easily visit this airport on time.


The outer range of the road in the city is to your best apartment location where you can cross it from your flat. You can reach another spot, and it will take a cut of time and if the travelling time is more convenient for you.


Therefore from the above content, you have learned more about this prestige Neopolis residential project that will be more useful for your happy life. The plans are developing, with the top bidders confirming the homes would cater to the premium city segment. It provides new luxurious projects with housing, and new villas were built. It was well-connected with major localities. The apartment comprises airports, schools, and market areas nearer.

Prestige Group





43 +

Million Square Feet Area

The person struggling with rental lifestyles has for them it is going to be the right time to start their new life in their flat. In recent years the hot city is developing into a metro place, so of it investing in this location to buy property sure it will be profitable in the future. For both commercial and residential purposes, the metro city is highly damaged in real estate in the Prestige Neopolis , when they contracted with urban communities that are similar when the rate was less expensive, as that time the enormous organization found in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a project that has been authorised, thus many institutions will help you obtain financing for Prestige Limited Hyderabad
It is a brand-new venture that is just getting started.
This Project Offer 2BHK starting with 1.95 Cr
Yes, There Is An Upcoming Project In Hyderabad by Prestige Limited Named Prestige Neopolis .

Prestige Clairemont is situated in Neopolis, a newly developed and futuristic 500+ acre layout in Kokapet, extending from the financial district. Planned by the Telangana Government, Neopolis is designed to set a national benchmark for advanced infrastructure and smart living. It is the future of Hyderabad in the making.

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